The Riding for the Disabled Association is a National registered charity covering the whole of the UK.

Whilst some events and fund raising are co-ordinated from head office, the reality is, that the services are provided from local groups, all of which are self funding. Our group,  Galloway Riding for the Disabled Association Group, provide this support to the Stewartry,  Kirkcudbrightshire and Machars area in Dumfries and Galloway, with riders coming from as far away as Carsphairn, Dumfries, Newton Stewart, New Galloway and New Abbey.

Our group meets at Barstobrick Equestrian Centre, Ringford, each Wednesday during the school term times, with riding sessions for both adults and children with various support needs.

Some of our riders began attending over thirty years ago as children and still attend now as adults, which says everything about the rewards and benefits that the RDA provide to the special group we serve.

Our group is entirely staffed and supported by local volunteers, all of whom give their time unconditionally and some of our volunteers are indeed disabled themselves. We hold fund raising events throughout the year and receive much needed donations from local schools, police, businesses and individuals.

The funding we have received in the past has allowed us to purchase:-

  • Equipment such as riding hats and boots
  • Equipment for the arena
  • Video camera and tripod
  • Tabards
  • Riding vouchers for during the summer holidays
  • An equipment shed
  • A wheelchair ramp and mounting block
  • Electric disabled rider hoist